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Islander (link for Nasdaq writer opinion.)

The technicals of price and volume last week cast a long shadow over this next week.

R2K showed the least strength, and the Compt and Dow and S&P showed some upward momentum,
But the tendency historically is for price that can not rise on volume (current situation) to test the
recent last price that showed volume. This is in the 1071 area, and maybe lower since overdoing a
decline is the rule. Look for the price that had volume and see what happens.

Cash is a good place to be while seeing what this market really feels. The bear call on the Nas is
significant. Some on ths Board agree. I am in cash with a bear spread.

Best, Islander.
My FF revisit June 4 low don't break it go back revisit high around 1415 not breaking top then back down in to sept oct for 1150 sp then back up !!
There I put my opinion to which I will trade that of course I might not get in at the low but im a buyer there . Good luck to all
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