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August 1936


AUTOS operated on radio fuel may become a reality if the present consumption of oil continues and no new oil sources are discovered. One engineer boldly suggests a network of “radio highways” consisting of huge broadcast transmitters capable of sending out signals which would be converted into motive power. Provided with special radio energy converters automobiles would be silently operated by powerful electric motors. By simply throwing a switch on the dash the motors would be put into motion, eliminating starters, noise and dangerous carbon monoxide gas. Fortunately, science has delved into the fuel problem and found a solution for a matter which has for years been on the verge of confronting automotive engineers.

The low frequency RF in the high voltage cables are known to cause cancer, no building should be built within 300 ft of these power cables. What this article is suggesting is basically similar to the cell phones, it will need building high voltage antennas and cables everywhere...
Our living environment is already heavily polluted witht the cancer-causing electromagnetic transmissions. I beg our scientists and enterpreneurs take into the consideration of the health of our living environment, not just the monetary profit. ohmy.gif
I wouldn't worry about this 72 year old "solution" becoming a reality.

Although "radio-fuel" may be a possibility, again I don't see the viability because it fails to consider one important question:

What is the source for all that energy?

Also, as I understand it, although convenient for some wireless applications, this is a very inefficient means of energy conversion.

Phillips & Powercast are set to begin producing tiny battery chargers using radio waves.
However their "super efficient" chargers can only capture "up to 70 % of the transmitted energy" from a very close distance.
Considering the power required to power automobiles and the distance from a transmitter, that would be a huge energy loss.

And think of the possible effect it would have on all those people with metal plates and screws implanted in their bodies!
Not to mention metal tooth fillings! LOL!


Now if they can figure out how to capture the sun's radio waves...
What is the source for all that energy?

Hydro, wind, solar, nuclear... There is plenty of sources to produce electric energy, much more than needed. It is a shame US actually still burns crude oil and coal to produce most of its energy. Anyway, the solution will not be only one source though, where there is no wind or clouds, there is usually plenty of sun or the desert. These are the more expensive, but the least invasive...
Not so fast there pardner.
Hydro, wind, solar, nuclear will all destroy the planet.
We need to walk everywhere, and walk barefoot and naked and very slowly so that we don't step on an endangered ant, grasshopper or frog.

Wind power may threaten prairie chickens

By The Associated Press
8/3/2008 12:21 PM

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Power-generating wind turbines proposed for northwestern Oklahoma could push the lesser prairie chicken onto the endangered species list or even into extinction, according to biologists.
"We're very concerned they could go into a nose dive that they wouldn't recover from," said Greg Butcher, director of bird conservation at the National Audubon Society.
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